SCOTUS Decision a Backslap to Black Women

scotus_decisionToday’s SCOTUS decision to strike down a Texas law is not only a deadly blow to unborn children across America, but it also guarantees that more unsuspecting young black women will lose their lives in the deadly wake of a botched abortion.

The evidence is clear and can’t be denied—when Planned Parenthood facilities are placed within a two-mile walking distance of black and minority communities, and those facilities are not required to adhere to basic safety standards that take into account the possible needs of those who undergo an abortion—the end result will be more deaths among young black women due to complications from abortion.

Easy access to abortion equals increased abortions, which means an increased bottom line for Planned Parenthood and other abortion giants—which is their greatest concern.

The research is clear that blacks account for only 13% of society, yet we have more than 30% of the abortions. This is a staggering fact that we, as blacks, can no longer remain silent about. This decision by the Supreme Court system that is supposed to put the interest of the American people above all other interests is one that will most likely ensure that our silence in this matter is akin to our complicity in the continued decline of the black community.

In response to the decision, Bradley Mattes, President and CEO of Life Issues Institute, stated, “The Court has deemed women are unworthy of a basic standard of healthcare when having an abortion. This is a tragic ruling for unsuspecting women who expect an adequate level of care. It’s certain that now they won’t receive it as the abortion industry is only interested in the bottom line.”

Brad, unfortunately, you are correct.

Here’s another bottom line that continues to perplex me. Why is it that the white community seems to be more invested in saving the lives of the unborn—which are proportionately more black unborn than any other demographic—but the black community, itself, seems less interested in even having these kinds of discussion? Let alone getting involved…

My friend, and my black brother or sister, we cannot continue to remain on the sidelines on this issue. We must choose to take a stand for our unborn children and for the unsuspecting young black women, like Laura, who might lose their very lives as a result.

The struggle was real when we fought for equal rights in this country, and that same struggle is still taking place—but this time the screams and voices of the victims can’t be heard. Their tortured bodies aren’t hanging from trees but are now being tossed into the trash in a bio-hazard bag.

While most of the victims of lynchings in early America were black men, now the victims are the most defenseless and innocent of all—our unborn children. Won’t you get involved and push back against this scourge of abortion in this country? I hope you will, because the lives of our young black women hang in the balance.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can be a change, then I’d love to speak to your organization and share with you some life-giving alternatives that we can put into place as we truly get involved in ensuring the future of our young blacks.

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