Video series: Fueling the Abortion Fire

Here is an eye-opening series of articles highlighting what some believe are the four main causes of abortion.

PART I: Family Flaws

Would you believe me if I told you that the family is fueling the abortion fire? This might sound elementary, but it’s true–and this article will present evidence to that fact and show you how to get involved in the effort to put out the fire, and to save the lives of countless unborn children. Read the article.

PART 2: Single Mom Madness

Single mom madness is fueling the abortion fire and is a major factor in the ongoing decimation of the black community. That’s not to say that it is madness to be a single mom; but what produces single mom status is, itself, madness–which must end if we are going to be successful in rebuilding the black family and extinguishing the abortion fire. Read the article.

PART 3: Terrible Teens

Terrible teens are fueling the abortion fire. That’s not to say that the teenagers themselves are terrible, because they aren’t. They’re clever. They’re creative. They think they know everything; but they aren’t terrible.

What is terrible about the teens is the fact that they have believed the lie. They believe the lie that they’ve been told by the media, the music and the movies. Read the article.

PART 4: Me Matters are Fueling the Abortion Fire

Me Matters are fueling the abortion fire and it doesn’t look like that fire is going out any time soon. It seems that we live in a society where increasingly there is a prevailing belief that what matters most is “ME”.

“Having a baby would ruin life for me. If I speak out against abortion [they] would hate me. Abortion would end if more church pastors would listen to me.”

Read the article