Facing Life Head-On: Dr. Alveda King, Henry Flowers and Shannon Nixson all agree the public must be informed and educated about the rapid death of African Americans. Join them in this episode as they share the truth about abortion’s impact upon the black community.


Facing Life Head-On: Does Planned Parenthood have a hidden agenda? This episode discloses a few shocking truths about this organization’s roots and shares how they are impacting our African American culture today.



Facing Life Head-On: Should the church play more of a leadership role in educating and supporting women and men who are in an unplanned pregnancy? This episode examines the question.


Lincoln Ware Live: Henry conducted a presentation at the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati where he shared life-affirming alternatives to abortion, resulting in several young women choosing life for their babies. Although Shannon Nixson, a former Case Manager at the YWCA, had permission to invite Mr.Flowers, the YWCA fired her. In this television interview, Henry and Shannon share facts concerning this chain of events.