Action Steps

Suggested action steps for individuals and organizations…

  • PRAY for people you KNOW who have had abortions.
    PRAY for people you DON’T KNOW who have had abortions.
    PRAY for people who may be THINKING ABOUT having an abortion right now.
    LEARN the facts about abortion and how it affects families and the community.
    INVITE a pro-life speaker to your church, clubs and civic organizations.
    A representative from Protecting Black Life would love to come and conduct a presentation for you. Simply call or email our office and we will arrange a day and time to come.
  • START a pro-life group within your church or community. It’s easier than you think!
  • Protecting Black Life can assist you in getting your group started. Simply call or email our office and we will schedule a time to meet with you.
  • SUPPPORT abstinence based programs that encourage youth to save sex for marriage.
    ENCOURAGE women facing an unexpected pregnancy to seek help from a local crisis pregnancy center that cares about her and her baby.
    ASK your pastor, church leaders and community leaders to speak out on this issue.
    EDUCATE legislators about the devastating impact abortion is having on the African American community and hold them accountable for their votes on this issue.
    Never underestimate the impact YOUR feedback can have on YOUR elected officials!
    State and Local Government –
    U.S. House of Representatives –
    U.S. Senate –
  • GIVE a financial donation to help us continute educating and mobilizing the African American community to become actively involved in the battle to end abortion.