What We Do

Here’s a thought provoking message about the immediate and specific needs in the Black population.

Protecting Black Life was birthed with the primary objective of educating the African American community about the scourge of abortion among our people which has our race in steady decline.  We consistently present powerful, life-saving educational resources aimed at our youth and the many troubles that they face while living in these troubled times.

  • We develop pro-life educational literature for the African American community.
  • We collaborate with African American pastors to develop strategies to positively impact our young people through local and national gatherings and events.
  • SPECIAL NOTE: We also assist “non-African American” organizations, ministries and churches by helping to equip them with proven, practical strategies to effectively reach the Black community with the message of life.  This is VERY important to understand.  The pro-life conversation with the Black population MUST be led by BLACKS in order to avoid the resistance to the “White Savior” mentality that is held by many minorities and African Americans.  If you’d like to be further enlightened about this very sensitive but extremely vital subject, feel free to contact Life Issuees Institute at 513 729 3600, or you may email us at info@lifeissues.org.