Planned Parenthood Update: Eugenics as Marketing Strategy

In recently released videos that graphically illustrate Planned Parenthood’s complicity in the selling of aborted baby parts, the abortion giant’s reprehensible practices are exposed for the world to see. But in addition to exploiting aborted babies for their own financial gain, Planned Parenthood also continues to facilitate the extermination of Black and Hispanic/Latino babies by … Read More

New Cincinnati, OH Billboards Highlight Death Toll of Young Women-of-Color

On August 11, 2014, Protecting Black Life launched its provocative “Roll Call Billboard Campaign.” The campaign’s prime objective is to inform Black Americans in Greater Cincinnati, as well as the community at-large, that an ever-increasing number of young women-of-color are ending up dead, following so-called safe abortions. Abortion is the #1 killer of African Americans. … Read More

Guttmacher’s Research Hides Truth about Planned Parenthood

As published in the Washington Times, the Guttmacher Institute has reintroduced findings from a 2011 report, which claims most abortion facilities are not located in minority neighborhoods. This report is misleading when it comes to the practices of Planned Parenthood. Protecting Black Life (PBL) conducted a detailed research study specifically focusing on the locations of … Read More

Protecting Black Life at the Southern Baptist Convention

I’m happy to report that Rev. Dean Nelson (a fellow co-founder of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition – NBPLC) and I were successful in presenting Dr. Fred Luter (1st Black President of the Southern Baptist Convention – SBC) with the National Black Pro-Life Coalition’s 1st “Mildred Jefferson Leader for Life” Award at the Southern Baptist … Read More

Should the Church be a Voice for Life?

For many people, hearing the word “church” evokes memories of a beautiful, historic, old building in their city, perhaps even right in the very neighborhood where they live. However, the church is much more than a building, be it old or new. The Church, God’s Church, is a unified body of believers in the Lord … Read More