Terrible Teens are Fueling the Abortion Fire

terrible teensTerrible teens are fueling the abortion fire.  That’s not to say that the teenagers themselves are terrible, because they aren’t. They’re clever.  They’re creative.  They think they know everything; but they aren’t terrible.

What is terrible about the teens is the fact that they have believed the lie.  They believe the lie that they’ve been told by the media, the music and the movies.

That lie has consistently told them to desperately pursue any desire that comes to their minds.  That lie has told him that society owes them something and the fact that they don’t have it is because some elite group is trying to oppress them.

That lie has told them that they are smarter than their parents and the only time you need to listen to them is when you need the car keys.  According to research done by the Guttmacher Institute, 67% of the abortions are committed on patients who are in their teens and twenties.

If we as pro-lifers really want to end abortion in America then we can’t just work at the legislation level.  We’ve got to get down to a grassroots effort and do more of dealing with the problems at the source.

The number one problem that teens face is too much unsupervised I don’t know.  They simply spend too much time being bored to death.  That’s why I wrote my book Bored To Death.  I hoped to take a look back at the Millennials and give them a first-hand account of what it looks like to grab yourself by the bootstraps and to begin to create a life that you love.

I remember having those same concerns and difficulties when I was a teenager and those are the very things that created the depression that caused me to want to indulge in things like alcohol drugs and premarital sex.

And of course I fell into the trap.

My way of getting out of the trap was dropping my girlfriend off at the abortion mill, when I was nineteen.  I’m forty-three years old today and I still remember that day–and likely will never forget it.  The only thing that I can hope to do is to use my story and to tell people about the suffering called “lost fatherhood” that I endured for many years.

I had regret, depression, low self-esteem, and there was an emptiness in my life because the life of an innocent, unborn child was taken through my selfishness.

So when I speak at fundraisers and other events that help young people to avoid the abortion related symptoms that I experienced, this is sort of my way of giving back to the community and helping people to learn from my mistakes.  One can always hope.

I’d love to see pro-lifers do more work in this area.  I’d love to see us sponsoring an event where we can reach our teenagers right where they are and begin to talk to them about the consequences of living an immoral lifestyle.  I’d love for us to begin to encourage each other about the importance of being a tough parent, more so even than the importance of being a great provider.

As parents I think we need to do a better job of eliminating the unsupervised idle time that allows our teenagers to throw house parties while we’re at work.  As fathers we need to do a better job of being there for our wives and daughters so that divorce can decline in our families.  And as members of the Church, I would love for us to see our young people as more relevant and vital to the cause of Christ as we begin to equip them to be the leaders of the next generation of the church.

Your tax-deductible donations to Life Issues Institute will do great things in helping to empower our young people to live a life that they love.  Won’t you do your part in getting involved?

I’ve spoken at many high schools, Colleges and Universities and have shared a message of help, hope and healing for so many of our young people who are simply getting lost in the wash.  I’ve seen teenagers change their lifestyle and their way of living after reading my book and hearing me speak and share my smash hit single Hang Around.  I believe if our young people make better decisions concerning who they choose to hang around, then their lives would be better off.

As the holidays approach won’t you consider buying a few copies of my book and sharing them with young people that you love?  I’m not really sure why it is but sometimes our teenagers need to hear from someone else what we’ve been telling them their whole lives.

That’s what will happen when they read my book.

Thank you so much for being a guardian of those who cannot guard themselves. Thank you so much for doing your part to help our young people to become great people.  And thank you so much for doing what you can to extinguish the abortion fire,  which begins with reaching the terrible teens.

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