Single Mom Madness is Fueling the Abortion Fire

singlemommadnessSingle mom madness is fueling the abortion fire and is a major factor in the ongoing decimation of the black community.  That’s not to say that it is madness to be a single mom; but what produces single mom status is, itself, madness–which must end if we are going to be successful in rebuilding the black family and extinguishing the abortion fire.

“I can just go to the clinic.”

This is a term that has been the precursor to the death of millions of unborn black children because far too many young black females found themselves in an unplanned pregnancy situation.  Planned Parenthood was simply her way out, her ace in the hole, her way of dealing with “the problem”.  She, like most, did not sign up to be in a situation where you’re forced to be a mother.  So how are these desperate situations created?

Many times these young ladies believed a lie that came from a young man who simply and selfishly wanted to satisfy his sexual desires.  They believed him when he said, “I love you”.  They believed him when he said, “You’re my only girl”.  They believed him when he said, “Someday, I want to make you my wife”.  But when she said “I’m pregnant”, he made it known in very clear terms that she had been lied to.

He stopped returning her phone calls, he stopped returning her texts and she was forced to trade the status of wife for the stigma of “baby mama”.

Therefore, in her mind, this new single mothers’ only option is to “go to the clinic”, which, thanks to Planned Parenthood’s’ cunning, money hungry practices, was only walking distance away.

Starting to see the madness?

Another factor is the inability of a young female who has discovered that she’s pregnant, to clearly and smartly answer some basic questions.  “How can I afford a baby?  Where am I going to live when my mama finds out?  How am I going to finish school?”

These were the questions a very dear friend of mine was challenged with when she was only 15 years old.  Now THAT is madness.

For today’s young ladies, when their answers to all of these questions continues to be “I don’t know”, fear and chaos ensues that points to abortion as the only answer, and thus more fuel is added to Planned Parenthood’s abortion fire.

Stay with me on this next thought.

There’s also a factor that exacerbates the madness that the single mom experiences, and it’s called “silent judgement”.  This “silent judgement” is something that you may have unknowingly rendered after reading the first portion of this article.

“How did her parents allow this to happen?”  “Why didn’t she use protection or wait until marriage before having sex?”  “I guess she’ll be another welfare burden to the tax payer.”  Imagine yourself being a scared, pregnant teen girl who’s being crushed beneath the weight of the world, and then you hear these kinds of comments coming from others.  How would you feel?

And we wonder why many liberals, and especially liberal blacks are resistant to having the abortion conversation with pro-lifers or conservatives.

It’s very easy to sit on the sidelines and be judgemental and say these kinds of things, but until you have been raised in this kind of culture that contributes to much of the behavior that leads to sex outside of marriage, drug use, poverty, etc., you won’t be able to see things any differently than you do.  And that kind of judgement and condemnation is a major player not only in the refusal of many blacks to engage in the “abortion conversation” with anyone; but it also further burdens the hearts of abortion-minded young ladies.

Of course there are things that should have or could have happened, and yes, not everyone who was raised in these communities found themselves in these situations, but here are some questions that you should ask yourself.  Is it the teenage girl’s fault that she was born to a single mother?  Is it her fault that she, like 7 out of 10 other black children, didn’t have a father in her life?  Is it her fault that her mother is stuck in the quagmire that is the welfare system, which is also a breeding ground (pun intended) for the unplanned pregnancy situation?

The answer to all of these questions is “NO!”

It is not her fault, but it is time that we stop playing the blame-game and start providing real solutions.  If we believe that “it takes a village to raise a child,” this is an opportunity for us to become the village again.  Here are just a few ways we can do just that.

The Boys & Girls Club, 4-H Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters and other organizations like these that do powerful work in the lives of at risk inner-city children.  Perhaps you can get involved with these organizations within the community to help in spreading their amazing message of help and hope.

Church leaders can also assist in rebuilding the family, as well as increased communication with schools within the community and organizations like Care Net, who have already made some powerful efforts toward the same goal.

When it comes to ending abortion in America we’ve got to understand that there are so many more complex issues that revolve around this situation than we may understand.  Overturning Roe v Wade may be one strategy, and I actually hope that happens one day, but change won’t truly come until we delve into the other contributing factors that continue to cause 67% of the abortions in America to be had by teens and twenties.

Until we address the issues of many our young black women and their low self-esteem which leads to the unplanned pregnancy situation, change won’t truly come.  Until we begin to change the thought processes and expectations of so many judgemental skeptics who would rather gossip about a problem than actually become the solution to it, abortion is going to continue to be the number one killer of black Americans.

Won’t you get involved and help Protecting Black Life to become the answer?  Your tax-deductible donations will go a long way in helping me to facilitate conversations like this one among our churches, among our community leaders, and among our families in a way that could bring about real change.

As PBL continues to support building the men’s side of the ministry at pregnancy centers throughout the nation, and as we continue to make people aware of how Planned Parenthood is targeting the black community, won’t you support our work with your financial donations?

Thank you so much for your prayers and efforts to be the guardians of those who cannot guard themselves, and thank you for doing your part in pushing back against the things that are fueling the abortion fire.

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