The Family is Fueling the Abortion Fire

abortionfireWould you believe me if I told you that the family is fueling the abortion fire?  This might sound elementary, but it’s true–and this article will present evidence to that fact and show you how to get involved in the effort to put out the fire, and to save the lives of countless unborn children.

More specifically, it’s the breakdown of the family structure that is a real problem in the Black community.  Since the 1930’s the unwed birth rate in the African American community has been on a steady incline, to the point that in 1965 Daniel Patrick Moynihan saw the 29% unwed childbearing statistic and called it a “travesty”.

Social science data gathered in a study done by Hampton University on the marriage index produced some shocking results.  In 1930 the unwed childbearing rate in the Black community was 14%.  In 1980, just fifty years later, it skyrocketed to 56%; and in 2008 it reached a ridiculous level of 72%, where it hovers today.

72%!  That means 7 out of 10 Black children don’t have a father in the home.  Now THAT is CRAZY!  Don’t you agree?  And we wonder why so many rebellious and hopeless young black males are incarcerated, gang related, or have father children with multiple women.  Something must be done.

Many of my pro-life brothers and sisters are doing some great work trying to defend things like the Hyde Amendment which protects the lives of the unborn from late term abortions.  There are also many efforts to defund taxpayer-funded abortion through Planned Parenthood, which is a major contributor to the decimation of the black community as it relates to our unborn future generations; not to mention the fact that Planned Parenthood  is making a huge profit under the guise of women’s health.

Some of my pro-life brothers and sisters are even optimistic enough to believe that someday we could overturn the horrible Roe versus Wade, Doe vs. Bolton decision of January of 1973, which unleashed the flood of abortion in this country–taking the lives of over 60 million unborn children, mostly African-American, and mostly for the sake of convenience.

I really hope all of those efforts continue.  However, I would love to see more and more efforts focusing on the real, grassroots, foundational level when it comes to fighting abortion.

Although I’m sure that some single mothers do a fine job and their children don’t struggle; I’m also just as sure that carrying the load of two people is not what women signed up for when they chose to become intimate with their mate.  I know what it was like for me and my two sisters, being raised by a struggling single mom; and it wasn’t fun.

Not knowing where your next meal is coming from doesn’t contribute to you being in a good mood on any given day.  Not having the proper clothing to wear while catching the bus on cold winter mornings on the streets of Detroit; and walking through the snow freezing to death because you have holes in your shoes doesn’t make for a bright sunshiny day in your heart.  I am one of the 72%.  I’m not sure what ultimately contributed to my parents being divorced, but I am sure I suffered in the fallout; and I totally understand why my mother attempted to abort me.

Quite frankly, many young women choose abortion to find relief.  They are already terribly struggling on their own to make ends meet and they believe that the struggle will be exacerbated by having another child.  Therefore, in their mind, abortion is not a choice, but the only option.

That’s what my mother was experiencing.  Her plans for a happy marriage failed; and thanks be to God…the abortion failed.

Until we get to the point where we’re ready to strengthen and rebuild the family, and especially the Black family, we are going to make minimal efforts in reducing the number of abortions in this country.

Here are just a few things that I think we can do in order to change things.

We need to take a look at our welfare system and find out what we can do to not reward single moms for having more children out of wedlock; but find some way to allow the father’s to be home and in the household to be able to rear their children properly.

We need to make mentoring possibilities available for our young men so that they can get the training and education that they need in order to be the best fathers possible.  And since many of them had no fathering of their own, they will need lots of help in this area.

We need to allow recipients a way to transition out of welfare and into the job market without being cut off like a bad habit.  People should be rewarded for trying to better themselves, not punished with immediate termination of benefits.

I’d love to see where businesses could get some kind of tax write-off for paying for the college education of a young, married couple.  Now there’s a REAL marriage incentive!

Could there be state-sponsored stipends given to young couples that would pay for marriage counseling, anger management, or financial stewardship education?  Of course there could be.

These are just some of the ideas that I’ve brainstormed as the Urban Outreach Director of Protecting Black Life.  Some of these ideas may sound foolish or impractical, but I believe in treating the problem and not just the symptoms.  Black people need help in ways that no other segment of society needs help.  Blacks have more abortions than any other demographic, while Black women are only 13% of the population.  That is ALSO a travesty.

If we are ever going to really push back the crimson tide of abortion in America we have to begin to treat the problem and not just the symptoms.  Won’t you join me in this noble effort?  Yes, Planned Parenthood is the number one provider of abortion in America.  But I believe that the best way to change that is to take away their supply.  If they don’t have any unsuspecting young black women walking into their doors looking for an abortion, then their abortion numbers will fall like the setting sun.

Let’s extinguish the fire of abortion in America and let’s do it as efficiently as possible.  Let’s do our part in strengthening the family and future generations will live because of our efforts.  Your tax deductible donations to Protecting Black Life will help to quench the fire that is decimating the future leaders of America before they are even born.

Won’t you help us today?  I hope you will.

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