Missing Fathers on Father’s Day

missing fathersFather’s Day is upon us and we need to begin to highlight the idea of missing fathers.

We’re talking about fathers who missed out on a great opportunity – the blessing of raising their child. During this critical moment in most men’s lives, when they make the choice of giving life, they transform not only their lives but another’s life in a powerful way.

Join our Director of Urban Outreach, Henry Flowers IV, as he explores what being a “missing father” really means and the added value of life that comes with embracing fatherhood.

Henry states that he chose life, “not because I thought it would be easy, not because I thought I could do it – I didn’t think any of those two things – but I chose life… because it was the right thing to do.”

To learn more on how to address the missing father epidemic or to learn more on how to embrace fatherhood during times of struggle, please watch the video below.

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