Proof in the Pudding

Proof_In_the_PuddingAre you as tired as I am of people who make bold claims without offering any proof at all?  It’s an insult to my intelligence as it should be to yours that someone would expect us to just blindly go along with anything that comes across the news feed. Can you sight at least ONE source, other than your opinion? I hope that in this video segment I can help you to do a better job of bolstering your arguments in the pro-life conversation, and I hope that as a result of implementing this simple strategy of not just presenting, but also demanding to see, the proof in the pudding; that you will begin to increase your confidence as you stand for those who cannot stand for themselves, and that you dismiss the baseless banter of the pretenders.

Many in the “pro-choice” crowd believe that they have much in common with those who are pro-LIFE. This myth can be easily debunked and it should be done as often as possible. The lives of the unborn are at stake. I’ve been rebutting arguments set forth by a very well meaning young lady in the “pro-choice” crowd, because I think that she, along with everyone else who has an interest in this very divisive issue, needs to have very clear lines of differentiation that they can identify, defend and walk within while understanding who her teammates are and are not.

My latest attempt to inform and educate begins with this simple statement–making abortion illegal again WILL result in fewer abortions. Although the goal of anyone who claims to be pro-LIFE is that abortion is America will be eliminated completely; we would make a huge, satisfactory stride towards protecting the most innocent among us by over-turning Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton.  Our goal is to not just make abortion unlawful, but to make it unthinkable. That’s what someone stands for when they stand for LIFE.

Won’t you join me in this battle and begin to spread the word about how to cleverly crafted the arguments of our opposition have become? Let’s continue to sound the alarm and be the guardians of those who cannot guard themselves, and let’s never allow a pretender among our ranks.