Abortion at the Altar

altarJoin Henry Flowers IV as he shares how his baby was around 12 weeks old when he accompanied his girlfriend to an abortion clinic. Henry’s actions still haunt him to this day, which makes this video so poignant as he encourages others to leave their abortions at the altar.

In other words, there are many men and women who suffer from the weight of having had an abortion. Their emotional and mental trauma only deepens as the impact of what they’ve done hits home. But this is the time when they need guidance and, ultimately, forgiveness the most.

According to Henry, “I believe there is a resistance to talking about abortion from the altar.” The risk may seem too great, which can be a major deterrent for religious leaders.

But in today’s video, Henry is reaching out to leaders to encourage them that speaking about abortion from the altar is entirely possible if it is conducted in the right way. So please follow along as Henry explores some of the options available!

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