Seeing is Believing

Seeing is BelievingThe truth is, I could talk until I was blue in the face in an effort to encourage you to continue to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. I could fill your inbox with letters of empowerment on a daily basis.  I could inundate you with informative text messages about the latest and greatest efforts of our politicians to win this battle.

But none of those things would be as powerful and meaningful as the picture that I now show you.

Steve has huge demands on his time, yet he still has committed to build the Bullpen at Pregnancy Center East in Cincinnati, OH.  Last September he was at the center and spoke to an abortion-minded male who had accompanied his girlfriend.  As a result, the couple chose LIFE.

Yesterday, the couple brought their newborn daughter into the center for a visit with Steve and the rest of the staff. In that moment, you could see the hope and joy of their powerful choice of saying “yes” to life.

Tomorrow night, I’ll be working with Steve at his home to help train a group of guys who are considering becoming part of the Bullpen. It doesn’t get much better than that, my friend.  Let’s get involved in the issues of LIFE.  Let’s help our young men in need.  Let’s build the Bullpen, and continue to guard those who cannot guard themselves.