The Pro-Abortion Lie

What would you do if you had someone who claimed to be on your team, but you saw them doing something that is against everything your team stands for? This is the scenario that we face daily in reference to the pro-choice lie; and it’s time to properly deal with it. Here’s a very clear opportunity for us to separate ourselves from the lies and misinformation surrounding the entire abortion conversation, and to more clearly define our goal and agenda. To be Pro-LIFE is to ALWAYS defend the life of an unborn child–no matter the situation. In this second of five videos on “pro-LIFE apologetics”, you’ll hear my answer to the question of whether a “pro-lifer” and a “pro-choicer” are on the same team.  You’ll also learn how to answer the lie that says you can be “pro-life” while seeing abortion as “an option”. I’ll also give you information concerning the idea of “safe abortion” practices.  Here’s the truth.  NO abortion is EVER safe; not for the child OR the mother.

My hope is that when you finish this series you’ll have a better knowledge of why the stand for LIFE is very clear, and why that stand has very specific actions and beliefs that must be closely guarded and adhered to. The lives of unborn children across America depend on those who uphold the truth, being willing to beat back the lies that would cause the death of not just the unborn, but the unsuspecting mothers as well. Those who are on the fence with this issue, who don’t want to offend anyone on either side, but who simply want to allow people to make their own choices will be assured of one thing. If you are not a part of the solution you are a part of the problem.

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