Fewer Abortions

LieHow difficult would it be for fans to enjoy the game if both teams were wearing the same uniforms? It would be awful, of course. With all of the organizations in the United States that are taking up so many different causes and fighting for so many things, I think it is of utmost importance to be able to separate oneself from the pack; especially from those who are opposed to the ideals that we stand for as “Pro-LIFE” supporters. There are those who call themselves “pro-choice” who would suppose that we are on the same team.  I think it’s important that you know that we are NOT.  Those who are “pro-choice” want fewer abortions.  Those who are “pro-life” want to eliminate abortion completely and there is NO compromising for us on this issue.  As vigorously as we take our stand for LIFE, with the same vigor I oppose any attempt to misinform or deceive those who might be on the outside looking in while they choose their side.

There’s a huge mark of delineation that some may attempt to minimize when it comes to the conversation surrounding abortion.  But because the lives of unborn children across America depend upon those who stand for LIFE; we must not allow those lines to be blurred in ANY way.  To be Pro-LIFE is to ALWAYS defend the life of an unborn child–no matter the situation. In this first of five videos on “Pro-LIFE Apologetics”, you’ll hear my answer to the question of whether a “pro-lifer” and a “pro-choicer” are on the same team. Specifically, I’ll concisely answer the question “Do pro-lifers want fewer abortions”. My hope is that when you finish this series you’ll have a better knowledge of why the stand for LIFE is very clear, and why that stand has very specific actions and beliefs that must be closely guarded and adhered to.

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