Death From the Womb to the Walker


Is it possible that yet another group is targeting the black and minority community? Not only is it possible but it is happening, and is shrouded beneath the guise of compassion and caring. It’s not enough that more black babies are being aborted in New York then are being born. It’s not enough that blacks represent 13% of the society, yet are responsible for more than 33% of the abortions in this country. It’s even yet not enough that because of the scourge of abortion in America the black population is in decline. To add more fuel to the fire there is yet another group that is dedicated to killing blacks.

Removing the costume from the wolf in sheep’s clothing is vital to helping blacks and minorities make life-giving choices, and to pull themselves up from the miry pit in which they are sinking. We’ve got to do a better job of informing our young people about where the real help comes from, and who our real enemies are. Taking the next step in restoring the family begins right here.

To learn all about how to better identify those who wish to kill, steal and destroy from the black and minority community, watch this video as our Director, Henry Flowers, uncovers the latest attack against the already decimated black community.