National Best Friends Day

best_friendsToday is National Best Friends Day, which means that we have an excuse to call up and bug all of our besties all day long!

You might not know it, but according to a study that was conducted in 2014, “Some 88% of teens text their friends at least occasionally, and fully 55% do so daily.” Which means that a majority of teens ranging between the ages of 13 to 17 are already chatting with their BFFs (Best Friend Forever) and keeping up regular contact about the ins and outs of their everyday lives.

But what this study doesn’t tell you is that with over 2,000 babies being aborted everyday, you may not be talking to as many best friends as you were actually meant to have.

While I was driving this morning, I overheard a major radio talk show host chatting about how she didn’t really have any best friends, and she didn’t feel comfortable lumping her husband into the mix. As callers were dialing in and she was being razzed by her co-host, the statistics of abortion hit home. If only people realized that every time a child is aborted – you lose the potential of a future parent, spouse, or even a best friend.

Since Roe v. Wade in 1973, more than 50 million babies have been aborted in America. So that leaves me with the question: How many potential BFFs should there be in the world but aren’t?

So, as you hug your best friends today, or even send them a snarky text, please don’t forget the millions of innocent lives lost and the potential of one of them being your best friend. I mean, just think about it… If someone had chosen LIFE then maybe one of those 43 year-olds would be alive today.

And, just maybe, that popular co-host wouldn’t feel like she’s missing out on the best friend experience.

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