Prince Songs Live On

prince songsWhat is the value of a life, and what does that have to do with the recently deceased, musical genius that was Prince?  I think it can be summed up in three words…he inspired  people.

That’s where the value of a life is measured and that’s who Prince was.  The people who are writing about and talking about and mourning his loss are not mostly people who knew him personally; they are people whose lives were impacted by his gift of music which he so generously gave.

With so many debates surrounding the “when does life begin” discussion, it’s easy to become jaded about society, and pessimistic about the future of mankind.  However, I hope that you will take the example of music icons, actors and athletes and say to yourself, “I can make a tremendous impact as well, even on a small scale.”  You can do “Big” in a small way and your life can have a great impact if you would simply join me in the fight for the most vulnerable people on the planet…the unborn.  I can’t think of a better reason for living than supporting the truth that ALL life is precious; not just when your talents can be see around the world, but also when your life has yet to be been seen by the world.

How are you impacting the lives of other people?  That is the question that if answered correctly will help you know that your life has meaning and purpose.  If you really want to make your presence felt on this planet; if you really want this planet to be better as a result of you having have been here, then that desire can be fulfilled through this intent and purpose–live your life so that you make  the greatest and most positive impact in other people.  That is why I stand for the pro-life movement.  That is why I am protecting those who cannot protect themselves and why I live my life  in the service of others.  I want my life to have value.  If you desire the same, then do the same.

Check out my video below for more inspiration.