Vision Casting in Canton

CantonYou may not see the correlation between ending abortion in America and the young male mind; but I’m here to help with that. For far too long the pregnancy centers have been engaged in the battle for the lives of the unborn with only half of the necessary troops. Most pregnancy centers are staffed with volunteers and paid workers who tirelessly give of themselves to this valiant effort. Women ranging in age from 20 years old to the oldest ladies among us have been a mighty force in our cause; but sadly, they are only half the force. That changes right now with this movement–vision casting in Canton.

Pregnancy Choices, in Canton, OH, has set the bar for what the next phase looks like in our plan to be a stand for those who cannot stand for themselves. In this video you will meet their Church Relations Director, Jimmie Lever, who is a paid staff member who has the vision and desire to build the Bullpen in that great city. Jimmie will be working directly with our own, Henry Flowers, to begin to recruit a group of men who will accept the mission of helping our young men to become great men through the work of mentoring and equipping these young men on a one-on-one basis at the pregnancy center.

Too many times the women who find themselves in the unplanned pregnancy situation go to our centers and receive the help that they need to make a life-giving choice for themselves; but then they get delivered back into the hands of the other half of the equation, who may or may not have her best interest at heart. If that male hasn’t been served and supported in a way that helps him also to make a life-giving choice, the job is only partially complete. That’s why building the bullpen is such a vital need. We’ve got to do a better job in empowering the lives of the young men who helped created the unplanned pregnancy; and to show them how to become the best man for the job of parenting the next generation.

Won’t you help us in this great cause? Reach out to us here at Protecting Black Life and find out how you can get involved in building the bullpen in your city. When you do that, you will take huge strides in forwarding the LIFE movement, and you will be doing your part in guarding those who cannot guard themselves.

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