Choosing Your Battles

Choose_Your_BattlesYou won’t believe some of the arguments made by those who suppose to be on the side of LIFE. In this video blog, “Choosing Your Battles”, I’ll show you how ridiculous it is to think that those who claim to be “pro-choice” are on the same team as someone who is “pro-life”; and I’ll use their OWN words to prove it. The cause for LIFE is too serious to ever allow those who oppose us to be confused for those who are with us. The lives of the unborn depend on those who are their guardians, to be able to defend their cause in a way that lets everyone see what the real guardians believe and think and support.

No pro-life advocate would fight for “fewer abortions”; NO abortions is our aim. Access to “safe abortions” is NOT now and NEVER will be a goal for those who are the protectors of those who cannot protect themselves. However, those who claim to be on our side and claim “pro-choice”, will accept fewer abortions as a compromise. Being the voice of the voiceless means that no compromise is acceptable.

In this video series I hope that you will see clearly that there are MANY things to advocate for, and many different battles that are being fought on many different fronts. So when it comes to being as effective as possible in our efforts, pro-life advocates don’t focus on anything else other than speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. That allows us to really have a grasp on the facts concerning this vital and life-saving cause; and it gives us the freedom to be able to bow out of any other conversation that others think we should be having. We’ve chosen our side. Have you?

Won’t you join us as we learn how to sharpen our arguments and strengthen our resolve as we protect those who cannot protect themselves? For every one of us who learns the skills necessary to separate the truth from a lie, that adds another soldier to this army of pro-life warriors who simply want one thing.  We want to stop killing our babies. We want to stand for the rights of those who are being crushed. We want to push back the crimson-tide of abortion in America and we will give our last breath in doing so.

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