Becoming the Beast

Becoming the beast“Can we cut it out with the personal attacks already?  It doesn’t make you morally superior; it just makes you a jerk.”  This was the opening statement made by Amy Joy, while writing her fifth point in an article aimed at the idea that pro-lifers and those who are pro-abortion are on the same team and want the same thing.

It seems to be a very good opening, but did you see the flaw? She makes the fatal mistake that many people make when they attempt to engage in debate—they quickly fall into the trap of becoming the beast.

The beast is when someone is being the exact thing that they are arguing against. (In Amy’s case: Accusatory.)

Amy supposes to have a desire to eliminate personal attacks—and that’s a good desire. The only problem is that in her effort to persuade someone about the need to avoid personal attacks, she… umm… made a personal attack.

In other words, she became the beast.

Labeling someone as a “jerk” because they have an opinion that is different than yours is not only arrogant and smug; it’s actually the very thing that Amy says she wants to eliminate. However, by doing the very thing that she claims to despise, her argument then falls on deaf ears.

My friend, the life issues that face us today are so critical and leave much at stake. Those of us who have chosen to be a voice for the voiceless must be extremely vigilant in our efforts to make our desires clear.

Returning to this site for the latest info on this noble cause is not only going to keep you abreast on what we’re doing in this fight, but I want to also equip you to be able to fight alongside us—and that effort begins with showing you how to better articulate our stance on these topics, and to be able to separate the pretenders from the real thing.

More importantly, our goal is to educate, to reason, and to persuade–and I’m here to help you. If you’d like to continue to educate yourself with pro-life principles and tactics to help you fight for the unborn, then join me…

I’ll be waiting.

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