“Roll Call” Billboard Campaign


Protecting Black Life’s Cincinnati, OH Educational Billboard Campaign


1. WHY do we believe our “Roll Call Billboard Campaign” was necessary?

2. WHO is Protecting Black Life?

3. WHY can’t LAURA HOPE SMITH answer the “roll” when “called?”

4. WHERE are these billboards located?

5. WHAT can you do about the problem of abortion?

1. WHY do we believe our “Roll Call Billboard Campaign” was necessary?

The purpose of Protecting Black Life’s Cincinnati, OH “Roll Call” Educational Billboard Campaign was to:


  • Inform Black Americans in Greater Cincinnati, as well as the community at-large, that an ever-increasing number of young women-of-color are ending up dead, following so-called safe abortions. If a “roll” were “called,” these beautiful, vibrant, young women are no longer able to give a response.Because of abortion, 22-year-old Laura Hope Smith (pictured on the billboards), is no longer with us!
  • Highlight the fact that abortion currently remains the leading cause of death among African Americans. Higher than all other causes combined!
  • In 2008, there were 289,072 Black deaths from all causes excluding abortion. But, in that same year of 2008, there were 360,000 surgical Black abortions. With numbers like this, how will we continue to survive or thrive as a people? (Guttmacher Institute, Facts on Induced Abortion in the United States, August 2011, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Vital Statistics Reports, Volume 60, Number 6, June 6, 2012; Table 1).
  • Every day in the U.S., nearly 1,000 Black babies die by abortion. Our desire is to see an end to the devastation abortion inflicts on mothers and their babies, as well as fathers, families and futures.
  • Alert African Americans to the fact that Planned Parenthood targets the Black community by placing 62% (nearly 2 out of 3) of their surgical abortion facilities within walking distance (2-mile radius) of Black neighborhoods. Check out Protecting Black Life’s rock-solid research by clicking on the following link: https://protectingblacklife.org/pp_targets/index.html
  • Equip people with practical things they can do to address the problem of abortion.
  • Offer help to women who currently find themselves in an unexpected pregnancy. Although it may feel like it, abortion is not your only option!
  • Provide help and hope to women and men who’ve had abortions and are still suffering from its aftermath.

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2. WHO is Protecting Black Life?

Protecting Black Life is a Cincinnati, OH based organization whose primary goals are to educate, motivate and activate the African American community with the pro-life message, particularly as it relates to abortion, the LEADING cause of death in the African American community.

  • We speak to African American audiences at local and national gatherings and events;
  • We collaborate with African American pastors and leaders to develop strategies to mobilize their communities;
  • We develop pro-life literature, as well as a specialized web site;
  • We host pro-life educational booths at minority-centric events;
  • We help to start and organize African American pro-life educational groups;
  • SPECIAL NOTE: We also assist “non”African American organizations, ministries and churches by helping to equip them with proven, practical strategies to effectively reach the Black community with the message of life.

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3. WHY can’t LAURA HOPE SMITH answer the “roll” when “called?”

LAURA’S DEMISE: On September 13, 2007, young, beautiful, vibrant, 22-year-old Laura Hope Smith entered the Women’s Health Center in Hyannis, Massachusetts for an abortion. When Laura’s friend arrived to pick her up, Laura was not in the waiting room. An employee of the abortion mill said that Laura had aspirated during the abortion and 911 was sending an emergency response team. Although Laura was rushed to the hospital, it was too late! Laura can’t answer the “roll” when her name is called because of a so-called safe abortion.

The events contained in this tragic tale occur far more frequently than most people realize. It is Protecting Black Life’s hope that our “Roll Call” Billboard Campaign will prevent someone from venturing down the same dead-end road of abortion that Laura did. Abortion is not your only option!

SPECIAL NOTE: Protecting Black Life has full permission and participation of Laura Hope Smith’s family to share her story and to use her image.

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4. WHERE were these billboards located?

Protecting Black Life’s “Roll Call” billboards were located in many of Cincinnati’s African American communities where Ohio’s highest abortions occur, according to the Ohio Department of Health’s report.

Locations of billboards and numbers of OH abortions in 2012:

# of Abortions ??? ???Billboard Locations

1) 155 abortions – Westwood Ave. 850′ E. of Queen City Ave.

2) 103 abortions – Seymour Ave. 30′ S. of Langdon Farm Rd.

3) 83 abortions – Ashtree Dr. 315′ S. of Hamilton Ave.

70 abortions – W. Howard Taft 1000′ W. of Victory Pkwy.

5) 69 abortions – Liberty St. 100′ west of Race St.

6) 63 abortions – Westwood N. Blvd 255′ W. of Beekman St.

54 abortions – Spring Grove Ave. 500′ N. of W. Hills Via.

8) 54 abortions – Madison Rd. 1200′ E. of Whetsel.

9) 53 abortions – Reading Rd 145′ N. of MLK Dr.

10) 44 abortions – Clifton Ave 500′ E. of Spring Grove Ave.

748 Abortions = # of Abortions in These Neighborhoods in 2012
(According to the 2012 Induced Abortions in Ohio Report)

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5. WHAT CAN YOU DO about the problem of abortion?

We desperately need to begin talking about abortion’s devastating and disproportionate impact on the African American community because our lives, our families and our futures depend on it!

A few suggested action steps…

  • Continue to educate yourself about abortion and its impact. For a wide array of resources please visit our Educational Tools page.
  • Spread the word so others can also become educated about abortion’s impact.
  • Be intentional about telling others what you’ve learned about abortion’s impact on African Americans and encourage them to do likewise. Consider posing the following question to initiate dialog, “What do you believe to be the leading cause of death among African Americans?”
  • Address the topic of abortion at an upcoming event.

    A representative from Protecting Black Life is willing to help you conduct a presentation. Call our office (513-729-3600) and we’ll arrange a day and time to come.

  • Save sex until marriage. It’s the best way to prevent pregnancy and abortion!
  • Consider giving a financial gift to help us continue to do enlightening initiatives like our Roll Call Billboard Campaign. Your tax-deductible donation of any amount is greatly needed and would be deeply appreciated.You may CLICK HERE to make a secure donation on our website. If you’d prefer to send a check, please make it payable to Life Issues Institute, put PBL on the memo line, and mail it to our office: 1821 W. Galbraith Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45239.