Aunts and Uncles Have a Story, Too

aunts and unclesThe gift of being an uncle or auntie is bar none.

Whether that means you’re a designated tickle monster that chases nieces and nephews wildly around the house, or whether you kiss one of their boo-boos that have long since scabbed over—it’s a not-so-glamorous title filled with unorthodox perks like sticky kisses, mischievous grins, and a built in exercise regimen that always seems to start the second you say “yes” to babysitting.

It’s also a title that comes with a lot of responsibility. Not just to one’s current nieces and nephews, but to your sibling(s) and, more under the radar, your sibling’s future children.

In other words, your unborn nieces and nephews.

Some believe that an abortion only impacts a mother and her unborn child, but that simply isn’t so. The very reason behind why anti-coercion laws are gaining momentum, is one of the same reasons why entire families are suffering from the decision to end an unborn child’s life. The Right to Life of Michigan, summed it up by explaining that, “For some family members, the pain comes more acutely because they promoted the abortion or chose not to speak up for the child.”

Archbishop of Riga Zbigņevs Stankevičs describes one such example by telling his own life story to LifeSiteNews. “When my mother was pregnant, my aunt, who was a doctor, she proposed [an] abortion.” Despite his aunt’s intentions, Zbigņevs Stankevičs’ mother had other plans in mind for her son and, now, many years later, he’s making his own impact on the world.

However, such happy endings are not always the case. In some situations, family members aren’t even made aware of the abortion until after the baby has been aborted. According to the Right to Life of Michigan, “For other family members, the pain comes after hearing for the first time that a loved one had an abortion. Feelings of not being there to help can be difficult to overcome.”

But in these instances when aunts, uncles, and other family members are feeling helpless—there is still a lot that they can do.

According to Melissa Ohden, an abortion survivor, “We can educate others about the impact that abortion has across generations, not only on children and women, but on men, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, and ultimately outside of the microcosm of family to our communities and nation. We can share our stories and encourage others to find hope and healing in the midst of what they have experienced.”

So on this National Aunt/Uncle Day don’t be afraid to go out and make a difference. Whether that means taking your nieces and nephews to the park, getting your sibling an extra carton of ice cream that she’s been craving throughout her entire pregnancy, or just being a positive voice for those who otherwise might not have one in their lives.

Go and be an aunt or uncle.

Go and be pro-life!


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