Parent’s Day

MacArthurAm I taking full advantage the opportunity that I have as a parent, to shape the future of my child? As we celebrate National Parents Day I think this is a great opportunity for us to take a look in the mirror and ask ourselves this question. For those who are not parents yet, your question would be this one. Am I preparing myself to be the best parent that I can be?

Abortion. Crime. Selfishness. Racism. Much or all of the things that plague today’s society can be traced back, for the most part, to parenting.

If you look at the 2014 data delivered by the United States census, you will see very clearly that there is a huge deficit in the area of our ability to parent. According to the information provided, 70% of black children are born to a single-mother household. Now I certainly have no problem with single-moms. I was raised by a single-mother of three children. I love my mother and I believe that she did what she could to give us the best possible upbringing.

However, I also know that it was not her choice to be a single mother–no one should choose such a difficult road.

For the most part of society I believe that most of us agree that the best scenario for a child is to be raised by its mother and father, and that scenario is constantly being thwarted by the many factors that have contributed to the breakdown of the family.

With every sentence and with every pronouncement of death, our prisons and graveyards fill with more and more lost opportunities to be parents because of violence and other crimes; and a child suffers as a result. Worse yet is the thousands of children that are killed every day at the abortion mills being run by Planned Parenthood, and all of these dead, unborn children represent missed opportunities for powerful parenting.

Are you beginning to see the connections?

If we don’t grab this problem by the horns and wrestle it down, and begin to make some real progress towards being better parents, then there truly is no hope at all for our society, and we will sadly continue on this downward spiral of racism, violence and hatred that is saturating every news report.

Won’t you come alongside Protecting Black Life, as we endeavor to help so many fatherless young men to get the mentoring that they need in order to become great men? One way you can do that is by volunteering hours to be a part of the bullpen.

There are also countless opportunities for our young ladies who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy situation to receive help, as you, as a female, give valuable volunteer hours at the pregnancy centers. As we celebrate Parent’s Day, take a few moments and think back on the powerful impact that your parents had on your life, and determine to do the same in the lives of your children, or maybe those who could use your mentoring.

If you, like me, were raised without your father, then I hope you will do what I did. I hope you will resolve to always be in the lives of your children and to do what you can to help our young people to become great people.

It’s all about parenting. It’s all about commitment. And it’s all up to you.

Happy Parent’s Day.

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