With Friends Like Planned Parenthood Episode 3

abortion agendaDid I hit a nerve with Margaret Sanger defenders?

I think I did.

Why? Because I’ve received some interesting feedback since I’ve begun exposing the history of Planned Parenthood, its founder Margaret Sanger; and the money-motivated abortion agenda that is decimating the Black and minority population.

Much of the feedback has come from those who propose that Sanger was not a racist. Or that many of her quotes were taken out of context. Or that she had nothing to do with abortion because it was illegal in America during her time.

So let’s get some clarity.

Was Sanger a racist? In her book, The Pivot of Civilization, she clearly reveals her vision during that time of her life as she called for—now get this—the sterilization of “genetically inferior races.”

In other words, to classify and respond to a person based solely upon their race is the definition of racism… so, wouldn’t that fit Sanger?

Was there ever a time in Sanger’s life when her vision was honorable? Likely. But to take a snapshot of that portion of her life and to stretch it like plastic wrap in an effort to mask the longest and most diabolical part of her life—which is responsible for an ongoing legacy that has left a wake of countless, dead, unborn children—that is, at best, a dishonest stretch.

Was abortion illegal during Sanger’s lifetime? Yes. However, she spent much of her lifetime paving the way for its legalization and advocating for the use of abortion in fulfilling her goal of eliminating the “human weeds” of society…which is essentially an effort toward population control. Not only is that fact irrefutable by anyone except those who are intellectually dishonest, but it also doesn’t allow for Sanger to be on the friends list of any minority woman. In fact, The American Life League does a great job in providing verifiable documentation on many of Sanger’s ideals and plans for those whom she deemed as “unfit.”

How is this connected with Planned Parenthood? It’s simple.

Sanger was its founder and the abortion giant has never verbally, or otherwise, condemned her racist ideology upon which it was built. Frankly, a statement denouncing the inflammatory remarks of Margaret Sanger would ring completely false when your daily actions produce the intended results of the same.

The bottom line is this…

Planned Parenthood claims to be the champion of “women’s health” and the friend of the black and minority community, but their approach to sex education belies that claim. Many would agree that Planned Parenthood seems to be more interested in profiting from the results of unplanned pregnancies than they are in preventing them. Abstinence is rarely taught through their programs, if at all, and much of their educational focus seems to encourage sexual promiscuity and experimentation.

What follows that lifestyle is usually a visit to the abortion mill, where Planned Parenthood is more than happy to accept a cash payment of between $300 and $800, for a procedure that ends a child’s life and can possibly end the life of the unsuspecting mother.

See the cycle? I do.

Planned Parenthood is the friend of women, huh? To that idea, based upon contrary evidence, I say… I don’t believe them.

Do you?

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