Sing for Life

20160727_110637Have you ever seen the faces of the men and women who visit an abortion mill? I did, at the Sing for Life event in Dayton, and it wasn’t pretty. Of course I’m biased, but I think even the most skeptical person could look upon these people’s faces and see a heaviness that is obvious and unfortunate. When you choose to take the life of a child, that choice remains for the rest of your life. This I know very well.

This week I had the pleasure of visiting an abortion mill in Dayton, Ohio, while attending a Sing for Life event with my good friend Vivian, and this time, it was very rewarding. 20160727_114851Vivian does some amazing work as she, on a daily basis, stands in peaceful protest in front of an abortion mill hoping for the chance to persuade a mother or father to choose life.

I joined Vivian at this event and used my singing skills to do what we could to make a difference in the life of at least one unborn child. With a very menial but effective sound system we share our music and joy in hopes that someone’s life would be touched in the most unexpected way. We were not disappointed.

20160727_114637In the middle of our singing, Tina pulled up in a dark SUV. She rushed towards us, thanking us for the work that we did. She then handed us a couple of cases of bottled water, which were very welcome in the 90-degree heat. She had a very unique story in that she was adopted as a child; and as an adult she has adopted several children.

20160727_105411I wonder how many unborn children could have gone on to have productive lives if adoption was more of an option. I have some good friends at Bethany Christian Services who daily advocate for that possibility.

I bet it’s easy for someone like Vivian to get discouraged, not knowing if she’s really making a difference. But I was really blessed by the look on her face when I reminded her of what happened the last time I attended a protest with her.

There was a woman standing at the door of the abortion-mill for more than an hour and many of us had no idea why. Suddenly she began walking right toward us. As Vivian greeted her, it turns out that a huge difference had been made. She was the mother of seven and she was considering aborting her eighth child. She had seen us protesting and heard us praying and decided to talk to us.

She chose life!

LifeSavedThis picture was captured of Vivian walking her across the street, thanking God and thanking her for making the best choice possible. Many of us don’t really know how much of an impact we make with just the smallest gesture but in this story you can clearly see that at least one life was saved on that day.

20160727_113324I also was reminded of a Proverb that issues a strong warning to those who turn a deaf ear to the cries of the oppressed.  I read the entire passage in the video below. It’s VERY sobering, don’t you think?

Will you continue to support these valiant efforts that we make towards saving the lives of the unborn? Whether it’s through volunteering your time, speaking up for life to someone who is considering abortion, or making a tax-deductible donation to our organization; just know that no effort will go unrewarded.

Unfortunately Planned Parenthood takes the lives of thousands of unborn children on a daily basis and that is sad indeed. But there is hope on the horizon.

20160727_104742The number of pro-lifers who are willing to stand up and protest and sing for life are increasing. Our resolve is being strengthened on a daily basis as we see great impact being made in the fewer numbers of abortions occurring. And we are also seeing more and more legislation being put into place that does what should have not had to be done in the first place–strengthening the sanctity of life stance.

All life is precious. All human beings have the right to life. And all of us should stand together for those rights. Won’t you join us?


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