With Friends Like Planned Parenthood

planned parenthoodHave you ever been so trusting of someone and made yourself so vulnerable to them that you knew that they could really harm you if they chose to?

That’s how many blacks and minorities feel about the nations leading provider of abortion in America—Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood is, and has been, seen as a savior to some degree in the struggles against poverty, unplanned pregnancy, and the overall pursuit of happiness.  But I have some shocking news for you.  Not only is Planned Parenthood not a savior—they are, in fact, an instrument used by those who wish to exterminate blacks, minorities, and those that they deem “unfit” for our society-—and I can prove it.

With friends like Planned Parenthood, who needs enemies?

As the Director of Protecting Black Life, I’ve taken on the task of pulling back the curtain on the real agenda being forwarded by the abortion giant—so called Planned Parenthood.  I’m going to do this by going through a systematic process:

  • I’ll be showing the beginning ideals that motivated those who founded the organization
  • I’ll describe how they received the necessary funding to fuel their plans
  • I’ll expose how, through a series of clever, covert alliances and subtle name changes—those who had and still have a desire to “purify the population”—have gained downhill momentum that could eventually result in the demise of blacks and minorities as a whole

If you are one of the many who will immediately scoff at the seemingly wild accusations that I’ve made thus far, and will reject any further dialogue concerning this subject, then I have a question for you.

What are you afraid of?

Are you afraid of having your view of another person or organization diminished because a skeleton from their dark past was pulled out of the closet and held to the light?  With the recent revelations about some of our favorite sports figures and their connection to performance enhancers—even after vehement public denials of the same—I’m sure you can tolerate one more bombshell.

If you’re willing to follow me on this path as I deliver clear, concise, and carefully researched information that can be verified, then I promise you this one thing—you’ll have everything that you need to decide for yourself in the end.

You get to decide whether Planned Parenthood is friend or foe to you and your children. You get to decide whether you want to continue to support, with your hard earned money, the postmortem goals and dreams of one, Margaret Sanger.  And finally, you’ll be able to decide what part you will play in spreading the word, sounding the trumpet, and ultimately becoming a guardian of those who cannot guard themselves.

I hope you’ll join me. The lives of unborn black and minority children all over this country and the world, hang in the balance.

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