Life in the Womb

Did you know life begins at fertilization?

After sperm cells are deposited inside a woman, the sperm rapidly swim through the uterus, through the tubes, and out the ovary. This passage can take as little as 30 minutes. If the woman has ovulated and an egg awaits, fertilization occurs immediately – LIFE begins! Fertilization is the exact moment when a new human being comes into existence.

This one-celled life has inherited 23 chromosomes from each parent and contains the entire genetic code for every detail of individual human development. It has its own genetically distinct DNA and may have a completely different blood type (not to mention sex) than the mother. From sperm entrance until the first cell division takes place IS ABOUT ONE DAY. From then on, rapid cell division occurs.


1 Week

Attaches to the wall of womb .

Although the tiny new human has already attached to the wall of her womb, the mother doesn’t know yet, because she has not yet missed a menstrual period.


2 Weeks

Stops Mother’s menstrual period.

The fertilized ovum, already implanted in the lining of the uterus, emits chemical substances that weaken the mother’s immune system within the uterus so that this tiny life is not rejected by the woman’s body. The mother’s menstrual period is temporarily stopped because of a hormone produced by her child.


3 Weeks

Heart is beating.

The baby’s heart begins to beat 21 days after conception.


6 Weeks

teardropBrain waves measurable.

Moves and responds to touch.

Average mother doesn’t feel movement until about 4 1/2 months when the baby can kick hard enough for her to feel it through the womb.

8 Weeks

4HEART – has been beating for one month and can be heard on office ultrasonic stethoscope.

EKG – electrocardiogram can be done. BRAIN WAVES – were measurable 2 weeks ago.

FEELS PAIN – and responds to touch.


5GRASPS – instrument placed in his/her palm.

SWIMS – with a natural swimmer’s stroke.


2.5 Months

6Baby is completely formed, even fingerprints.


3 Months

9All organ systems functioning.10






After 3 Months

19Nothing new develops.
There is only growth in size and maturity.